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Kenya •The Huri Hills Reforestation Project


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The Huri Hills is one of the most remote areas of East Africa, bordering Ethiopia to the North, and Kenya’s Chalbi Desert to the south and east. Extensive deforestation in the area occurred during the 1930s, and subsequent changes in the climatic conditions and water availability have resulted. The area is one characterized by nomadic populations.

Although the local communities have little option for livelihood diversification, their understanding of the need for environmental protection is significant. Prior to the initiation of this project, the communities had organized themselves in to environmental management groups, with the objective of initiating reforestation efforts.

Global Green Carbon’s project partner, Food for the Hungry (FH) is stepping outside of its core operations of humanitarian assistance to undertake a pilot reforestation project, in conjunction with a country wide efficient stoves project. The initial project has a scope of up to 5,000ha, but can be scalable beyond this.

This reforestation effort has high social and environmental co-benefits, and is most suited to investors / institutions requiring a CSR initiative.

  • Project Timeline:  Project Phase 1 (Feasibility & Design) start date January 2010, expected to run for an initial period of 25 years
  • Project Type: Reforestation (A/R) project on degraded/deforested land for watershed management and increased fodder for livestock
  • Land Tenure: Community tenured
  • Partnerships: Food for the Hungry
  • Tree Species: The project will use a mix of native species and attempt to regain the natural diversity of original forest
  • Project Size:  5,000 hectares
  • Revenue:  Carbon Credits, Management Fees
  • Certifications Standards:  CCBS (project design and co-benefits), VCS (carbon)


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