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Global Green Carbon Partner's with Ocean Research Project on Pioneering Research Voyage

on 17-Apr-14

Chicago, IL - Apr 17, 2014 - Global Green Carbon Corporation (GGC) announced today that they are partnering with Ocean Research Project (ORP) on a first-ever continent-to-continent survey of plastic marine debris. Renowned offshore sailor Matt Rutherford and field scientist Nicole Trenholm will make a 7,000 mile sailing research voyage from Oakland, California to Fukuoka, Japan on a W.D. Schock Harbor 29 day-sailor. During the voyage a specially designed trawling net will scoop up small pieces of plastic trash and plastic debris floating on the surface of the Pacific Ocean. When the 70 day trip is complete the debris will be catalogued and studied to help better understand the impact of plastic debris on marine life and on human health.

“When we cast off we’ll be attempting something that’s never been done before. The ocean is a vast and wild place, but unfortunately it’s not pristine. Human impacts can be seen even thousands of miles from shore. Our survey will help us understand just how much of an impact we’re having on the water that covers the majority of the planet, and on the countless species of marine organisms that depend on healthy oceans for their survival,” Rutherford said.

GGC also partnered with ORP in May 2013 on their expedition to survey the CO2 levels in the Atlantic Garbage Patch. Chris Werner, GGC CEO stated, "The ongoing search for the missing Malaysian jetliner has brought new attention to the problem of marine debris. ORP provides valuable research on ocean plastics to the scientific community. We re pleased to offer our support."


Global Green Carbon Corporation (GGC) is a global environmental consulting firm and worldwide project developer of Agriculture, Forestry and Land Use (AFOLU) initiatives. GGC’s unique integrated land management strategy not only addresses one of the primary causes of global warming, but also rehabilitates degraded ecosystems, conserves bio-diversity, regenerates dwindling water resources and provides employment for marginalized communities. Pioneering projects using innovative strategies, Global Green Carbon is positioned to become a leader in the forest carbon industry.

Ocean Research Project (ORP) is an Annapolis, Maryland non-profit organization committed to serving the ocean research community. We provide data that explores man’s relationship with our planet’s oceans

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