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Regional Implementation Partner: Center for Tropical Research

The unifying goal of the senior scientists, graduate students, and staff of the Center for Tropical Research (CTR) is to understand the biotic processes that underlie and maintain the diversity of life worldwide, especially in the tropics, and to use this knowledge to address global environmental challenges. In collaboration with a network of prominent scientists from a diversity of disciplines and backgrounds, we are conducting research in many critical areas, including: the processes important in generating diversity in rainforests, the relationship between ecology and disease, connectivity and conservation of migratory birds, and rainforest restoration in human-dominated landscapes. CTR projects employ novel applications and use the latest technologies, ranging from satellite imagery to molecular genetics. CTR provides important training opportunities for young scientists and decision-makers from many countries in the regions of Central America, South America, Austral-Asia and Africa where we are conducting research projects.

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Global Forestry Operations Partner:  Interforest

Develop, manage and harvest  forest resources in order to maximize the net benefits of shareholders, as well as protect the region’s environment by securing the long term sustainability of forests and providing a positive social impact at the local level.

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Regional Implementation Partner (Nicaragua):  GFA Consulting Group

GFA Consulting Group is a growing consulting organization active in economic development. The main sectors of the company comprise agriculture and rural development, natural resource management, environmental investment, water supply and sanitation, private sector development, decentralization and public sector management, financial systems development and health. GFA Consulting Group presently works in more than 70 countries and collaborates with selected, specialized partner companies both nationally and internationally. 


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Regional Implementation Partner (South Africa):  Sovereign Carbon Collaborative

SOVEREIGN CARBON COLLABORATIVE (SCC)’s aim is to work with, and include all South Africa’s monarchies and chiefs in the collaboration of creating a better future through responsible environmental projects. We are a South African company with a passion to see tangible, credible evidence of environmental development projects. SCC brings together the corporate world (first economy) leaders and local communities (second economy) to form sustainable solutions. We strive to deliver supreme quality and superior service.

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Efficiency Stove Implementation Partner:  The Paradigm Project

The Paradigm Project is a low-profit limited liability company that partners with businesses, non-profits and engaged individuals to find more effective and efficient ways to address poverty.

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Regional Implementation Partner (India): Mitter Green Solutions

Mitter Green is involved with a diverse portfolio of climate change projects from energy efficiency and methane to forestry and solar.  Mitter focuses on aligning with leading global corporations and providing entry into opportunities in India.

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Efficient Stove & Water Filter Implementation Partner:  The Maya Relief Foundation

The Maya Relief Foundation (MRF) has carried out hundreds of economic self-sustainability community projects throughout Guatemala since 2003. MRF is specialized at working with poor communities to install efficient wood burning stoves and water filters.  The use of these items save families approximately 70% of normal firewood, eliminates many health problems brought on by indoor open cooking fires, children falling in fires as well as freeing up men from cutting down trees for firewood so they can be gainfully employed.




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