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Global Green Carbon-Nicaragua S.A. (GGC-N) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Global Green Carbon Corporation.

Incorporated under Nicaraguan law in 2011, Global Green Carbon-Nicaragua’s primary mission is to develop and implement forestry projects throughout Nicaragua. GGC-N is based in Managua, with operating headquarters located in Boca de Sabalos, in the Rio San Juan department of Nicaragua. In the Rio San Juan, GGC-N is currently working with over 300 local landholders to reforest degraded and deforested lands through integrated land management strategies creating profitable forestry and agroforestry operations. Through these initiatives GGC-N’s projects help mitigate climate change, provide habitat for biodiversity and decrease deforestation rates in the region.  As well the projects provides the co-benefits of improved socio-economic conditions, reduced soil erosion, and greatly improved water quality. 

Global Green Carbon-Nicaragua was founded by Global Green Carbon President, Kirsten McGregor, and Global Green Carbon CEO, Chris Werner. 

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Andean Carbon Corporation

Andean Carbon Corporation

Andean Carbon Corporation is an Ecuadorian project developer of carbon credit financed  reforestation efforts in the Ecuadorian highlands surrounding the capital city of Quito.  Andean Carbon has exclusive rights to reforest 50,000 hectares of the highlands through a joint operating agreement with FONAG (Foundation for the Preservation of Water), a municipal fund responsible for maintaining Quitos water supply.

Andean Carbon owns and manages The Guyallabamba Watershed Reforestation Project which is located within the surrounding montane areas of Quito.  The reforestation effort is expected to not only address dwindling water resources but also global warming, the rehabilitation of delicate ecosystems, preservation of bio-diversity and provide employment for rural communities.




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