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Global Green Carbon Corporation is a global project developer of land based sequestration efforts utilizing carbon credit financing.  The company was founded by a core group of international business executives and forestry experts who saw an opportunity in developing profitable forestry projects to sequester greenhouse gas emissions which ultimately contribute to reversing the trend of global warming. Global Green Carbon is at the forefront of the next generation of competitive forestry eco-business enterprises that not only turns a profit, but makes a difference.

The People, the Forests

Tree nurseryThe Founders of Global Green Carbon are motivated and driven by the core principle that forests are critical in the climate change debate. Forests are not only the lynchpin to the abatement of global warming but also the: 

  • Rehabilitation of delicate ecosystems
  • Preservation of wildlife habitats to support flora and fauna biodiversity
  • Regeneration of dwindling water resources and watershed management
  • Provisioning of employment opportunities for rural and forest communities

Global Green and its people are committed to this wholistic approach and building a bridge between sustainability and profitability for local forest communities, investor organizations and shareholders alike.

Commitment to Local Communities

picThrough strategic and focused AR (Afforestation / Reforestation), Avoided Deforestation (REDD) and IFM (Improved Forest Management), Global Green Carbon is committed to working closely with local forest communities and providing employment opportunities to indigenous peoples.  Projects are designed in cooperation with local land-owners and a percentage of the carbon profits are funneled back into communities.

Communities benefit from direct employment and forestry training, providing a reliable source of income while improving the long-term economic situation.  Increased incomes contribute to improved social conditions with access to health and educational facilities and other public services.

Sustainable inter-cropping of agroforestry products will provide shorter-term additional and sustainable sources of revenue.  In the longer-term sustainable low impact harvesting of timber is projected.  Further benefits are the Implementation of micro-enterprises, educational programs, community development initiatives and eco-tourism projects.

 Biodiversity of Flora and Fauna

Global Green Carbon projects are located in degraded ecosystems across the developing world. Geographically the areas selected are of significant importance in terms of biodiversity. Degraded forests are restored and connectivity increased between remaining patches of original forest cover, thus creating larger habitats and enabling migratory movement of endemic species. This restoration will reverse the trend of habitat destruction and ensure that forest habitats are maintained for the conservation of species that are currently suffering.

Unique Approach: Swift, Effective and Profitable

Local CommunitiesGlobal Green Carbon has developed a unique business model using the sale of carbon offsets to support the rehabilitation of existing degraded forests and the planting of new ones.  It is not a substitute for resolute international action to address the central issues of climate change but rather a proactive private enterprise approach to address these issues swiftly, effectively and profitably.  Global Green Carbon provides a means through which concerned businesses and individuals can link up with small farmers and forest dependent communities in developing countries to change the way in which we use natural resources and impact our environment.

Global Benefits: A More Verdant, Bio-Diverse and Habitable World

Global Green Carbon’s unique approach addresses poverty alleviation, sustainable development and bio diversity conservation and restoration while also combating the challenges of climate change.  It is a revolutionary way of doing business.  We offer a new way of life for individuals, forest communities and the natural environment while generating a profit as a private enterprise.  Our mission is to create a more verdant, bio-diverse, habitable and prosperous world -- for this generation and generations to come.




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