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Global Green Carbon

Global Green Carbon Corporation

Global Green Carbon Corporation (GGC) is a world-wide project developer of carbon-financed AFOLU (Agriculture, Forestry, and Other Land Uses) initiatives. Global Green Carbon’s unique integrated land management strategy not only addresses one of the primary causes of global warming, deforestation, but also rehabilitates degraded ecosystems, conserves bio-diversity through habitat preservation, regenerates dwindling water resources and provides opportunities for forest communities.  With a focus on afforestation/reforestation (A/R), avoided deforestation (REDD) and improved/sustainable forest management (IFM & SFM) Global Green Carbon is at the forefront of the next generation of competitive forestry eco-business enterprises that makes a difference while generating a profit.

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GGC Quarterly
The Green Quarterly
El Geco Verde Edición 3

Mayo 2012
• Actualizaciones del Proyecto de Reforestación de Río San Juan
• Bambú, una introducción
• Las personas
• Eventos y Reuniones
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Total Emissions including LULUCF/LUCF
1990 - 2009 growth, %

1 -185.77% Latvia
2 -68.01% Estonia
3 -60.35% Lithuania
4 -59.23% Ukraine
5 -56.17% Russian Federation
6 -56.04% Romania
7 -53.41% Finland
8 -51.11% Bulgaria
9 -47.7% Belarus
10 -43.85% Slovakia

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Forest Bond Boosts Conservation Finance
on 28-Dec-16

IFC teams up for first carbon credit coupons; billions of dollars needed to stop deforestation.

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Pricing Carbon at Marrakech
on 16-Nov-16

Pricing Carbon at Marrakech: Moving from Principle to Practice

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2016 Carbon Credit Overview
on 20-Jul-16

Forest Trend's Ecosystem Marketplace is the leading global source of information on environmental finance, markets, and payments for ecosystem services. Ecosystem Marketplace publishes newsletters, breaking news, original feature articles, and annual reports about market-based approaches to valuing and financing ecosystem services, including this report on the state of Carbon Credits in 2016.

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• Project Development:
GGC and UCLA submit Dja REDD+ Definitive Agreement to Cameroon Ministries